Time and patience

The production of porcelain requires a lot of time and even more patience. The process of manufacturing a craftsman-like Studio Pieter Stockmans’ product involves 17 operations and 7 workdays. You do not mould porcelain, the porcelain moulds the person who is making it. Each operation has to be done with the greatest care. The secret is to look and learn. And to take account of the 17% shrinkage. Quality is essential in Pieter Stockmans’ workshop. Only very few craftsman-like companies control the production of porcelain down to the finest detail. Each design is from A-Z made in the workshop in Genk.

A piece of Pieter Stockmans’ craftsmanship is something you give your best friends and family. And you pass it on from one generation to the next. Lay your table with fine porcelain and take the time to eat from it. As Alain Ducasse said: ‘It’s a new way of dining'.