Expo Luk van der Hallen

EXPO Luk van der Hallen - Erratic Views

This exhibition is a selection of recent work, a continuation of the exhibition during the art festival Moment Tongeren, edition summer 2019, of which the interactive installation ‘Momentum’ will be shown again. Visitors can attempt to destroy the artwork once more. The newer work, paintings, is based on the hundreds of drawings that were made in the last year. At their turn these drawings were collected and bundled in books, handmade in editions of 30, that can be seen in the exhibition. 

The subject of the numerous drawings are views of buildings and landscapes, that vary from abstract and uncontrolled to narrative and structured. With or without texts; from clear during the day till dark and sinister at night: cities, factories, churches, camps, chasms, woods. The erratic images and their haunting meaning is buried under a load of lines in an attempt to avoid the obvious and to find the DNA of the latent image. How much, or how few information can be brought in a picture that it triggers the viewer to reflect?
On the other hand there are the little drawings of cynical machines and constructions, a direct link to the critical designer Luk van der Hallen.

Luk van der Hallen (°1955) is still teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), is the former head of Product Design LUCA School of Arts, Genk (BE), and guest professor at the FH Joanneum, Graz (AU), Museum and Exhibition Design. His studio Art & Design has created the imaging content and interactive scenography of many exhibitions, museums and public places. Van der Hallen remained active as designer of his own product editions and as an artist. The ‘Art’ always was inseminating the ‘Design’.

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Due to Corona, the opening is spread over the different Saturdays, April 3, 10, 17, 24 and Sunday may 2 on which the artist will be present.

Please note that the exhibition is not open on April 4 and May 1.

Practical info :
entrance is free
the exhibition will run from April 3 till May 2, 2021

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