Expo Totemisme

This exhibition shows work of Folkert de Jong.
He often makes large and colorful sculptures and installations. De Jong is best known for his works made of polyurethane foam, but has also worked with very different materials such as plastic and bronze.

In the scenes De Jong creates in his installations, we see his strong fascination with the psychological and physical condition of man. They often deal with major topics such as conflicts in war, politics, religion and economics, but they can also be about our or his own inner conflicts.

This exhibition runs from Sept 28, 2022 to Nov 12, 2022.

If you make a reservation for this exhibition, you can also visit the Expo 'The Archives of Piet Stockmans'.

The shop on the ground floor is freely accessible.

€7 per person
Schools 7-18 years/student card:
€4 per student

Register here via the registration form that you can find under the info of the Expo 'The archive of Piet Stockmans'.

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