Guided tour


Our exhibition area will be converted from 1 July 2021. Guided tours will be possible from October, 1 2021.


On the first floor you can visit a route with an overview exhibition of Piet Stockmans.

1- The archive:
- On the front side, Piet Stockmans talks about himself, his education, his work for and with third parties.
- Part two is an overview of 34 years of Studio Pieter Stockmans. In addition to the applied work for the studio, the ode which Frank Claesen paid to Piet is also included. According to Piet Stockmans, full confidence in the future is assured. 
- The third part shows the works of Piet Stockmans until 2015.

2- The temporary exhibition of Piet Stockmans' most recent work

The shop on the ground floor is freely accessible.

Send an e-mail to with the desired date and the number of persons.

€7 per person
If you would like a guide, there is a charge of €80 for the guide

Prices for guided tours for schools 7-18 years old

€4 per pupil
There is an extra charge of €80 for a guide if you want one.

Also accessible for wheelchair users

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