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EXPRESSION bowl white

EXPRESSION bowl white

Expression The entire European porcelain industry came to grief as a result of imports from the Far East. In 1989 Piet Stockmans tried to make a stand against this by starting small-scale production in Genk. He developed the EXPRESSION tableware. Unfortunately this initiative did not succeed. We, the consumers, did not want to pay the price of this porcelain and thereby brought about the decline of the production industry and the employment it provided. After this, the Expression service was made in Germany for a few more years, but its quality was not up to the mark and we withdrew it from the market. In the meantime, the Chinese simply copied the model and some smooth operators in France and Germany extended the life of the set in plastic, without giving the designer his due. All this was 25 years ago and we still receive enquiries about the bowls in this series every week. We have now managed to find a European porcelain manufacturer that will produce this product at an acceptable price. STUDIO PIETER STOCKMANS is putting the EXPRESSION bowls back on the market early this year. A product that is 25 years old and for which there are weekly enquiries definitely deserves a new start and a new life.


Size: Ø07
Color: white
Code: 000.1901WN-G
Delivery time: 1 week
Designer: Pieter Stockmans

The expression collection is made in Europe.
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